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The Museum organizes two annual events: the East Coast ParaCon, and one seasonal themed event: Night at the Haunted Museum.

East Coast Paracon

East Coast Paracon

East Coast ParaCon

East Coast Paraconference is an annual event, held every first weekend of August. The event is hosted by the Queens County Museum and Crossed Over Paranormal Society (COPS).

The Queens County Museum has many resident spirits which have been investigated by COPS.  During discussions between the Society and the Museum it was decided that with the increasing interest in all things paranormal.   The East Coast was ready for an annual Paranormal Conference.

The word paranormal covers many different aspects of our world.   Cryptozoolgy, Ufology, physic ability, unexplained phenomenon; all these and more are discussed at the conference through a variety of speakers, lectures and illustrated talks.  Accompanying the lectures are fun events such as ghost story walk, participation in a paranormal investigation at one of the several documented sites in Liverpool area.

For 2016, the conference will be held August 5,6 and 7th, at the Best Western Liverpool, Nova Scotia. See conference website:  http://eastcoastparaconference.ca  for complete details.

Night at the Haunted Museum

Each year late in October the Queens County Museum goes to the dark side.  As you know from our resident spirits page our Museum has visitors that did not arrive by car, bus or bicycle. One night a year we let them and  your imagination run amok.

Can we invite you to walk through our museum in complete darkness?  Not complete darkness…  we will give you a small candle to light your way.  To add to your excitement we invite special guest ghouls to assist in guiding the way to your end…I mean the end of the path.  So join us and have a spooktacular time!

Night at the Haunted Museum

Night at the Haunted Museum

See photos from the October, 2015 edition of the Night at the Haunted Museum.

If you can’t attend the event, drop by the museum (during daylight hours!) and see our Halloween Exhibit.

Other Events

Occasionally, the Museum may host (and co-host) other community events. We will post information on these one-time events, as well as updates on our regular events, below.

Event Announcements and Updates

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