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Kids – The Tickle Trunk

Tickle Trunk - Costumes for Kids
Tickle Trunk – Costumes for Kids

Do you remember Mr. Dress Up and how he would always go to the Tickle Trunk to find something to wear when playing with Casey?

Well, the Queens County Museum boasts a Tickle Trunk and it’s BIG. Our Tickle Trunk is filled to the top with an array of costumes and accessories to choose from.  It will be your kid’s “GO TO” spot for some fun in figuring out who they’d like to be while exploring the museum with Mom, Dad or Grandma, Grandpa.  The kids will have fun putting their creative minds to use and maybe even do a bit of play acting too.

And for those of you who don’t remember Mr. Dress Up, come and try out our Tickle Trunk anyway.  We’re always adding new costumes to it.