The Queens County Historical Society Lost at Sea Project includes researching archives to build a record of Queens County residents who have lost their lives at sea. The aim is to build a memorial (not yet determined) for people of the present and past lost at sea.

The Lost at Sea Project research is getting closer to completion. We are currently seeking information from the public on a list of 27 individuals. At this point we have been unable to determine their qualification for inclusion in this Project.

A total of 1672 specific individuals have been extensively researched over the past 11 years. We currently have 886 individuals accepted for inclusion in this Project. An exhaustive search of records in the Museum Archives, Provincial and Federal records, internet sites, and many other resources were all included in our research effort.

Of critical importance is the individual’s place of residence at the time of death, as our Project criteria requires our Lost at Sea Project to pertain to Queens County Residents.

Can you help us with any information about any of the 27 individuals we have identified?

Download: Queens County Historical Society Project – 27 potential Lost at Sea individuals (PDF)

Please provide historical reference sources where possible, which may support the information you provide.

Other information on the individual such as the birth date, vessel involved, parents, and spouse is also welcomed.

Forward information, by email, to:

Members of the public will also be consulted in the future on other aspects of this Lost at Sea Project.

Thank you for your support.