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The Queens County Museum provides a wide range of educational resources and programs for teachers and students of all ages.
Heritage belongs to all of us.
It’s the story we share, and it shapes the stories our children will tell tomorrow. Step right in and bring learning to life!

Planning Your School Visit

Booking Programs

All programs are booked on a first come, first served basis. Bookings can be made for the time and date that best meets your needs.   To reserve your program, please call: (902) 354-4058 or email rafusela@gov.ns.ca

Group Size

Tours and programs can accommodate 1 class, or a total of 30 students. Contact the Museum to arrange for larger groups.

Admission Payment

The cost for each program is free but a donation would be appreciated. Donation can be made by cash, cheque, or credit card. Cheques are the preferred method of payment and should be made payable to the “Queens County Museum”.


One teacher and/or chaperones is admitted for every five students (1:5 ratio). Additional chaperones and Teaching Assistants for special needs students as well as bus drivers are always welcome.

Teachers and chaperones must stay with the group of students assigned to them at all times.  Teachers and chaperones are responsible for the safety and behaviour of students during their visit.


When the weather is fine, there is plenty of area on the grounds for students to eat their lunch outside.  Children should not bring meals that require refrigeration or heating.


Male and female bathrooms are by the door, as you enter the museum. There are no washroom facilities in the Perkins House section of the site.

What to Expect

Prior to your visit

  • Confirmation of school program booking, date and time will be confirmed by the site.
  • Teachers should divide students into small groups to correspond with the number of activities the teacher has chosen.  (Example: 4 groups for 4 activities, 2 groups for 2 activities.)

On Arrival

  • You will be met on arrival by Museum staff and volunteers, who will conduct your program or tour.
  • Donations can be paid at the front desk by cash, credit card, or cheque, payable to the “Queens County Museum”
  • Bathrooms are located by the door, as you enter the Queens County Museum.
  • Backpacks and lunches can be left in the Thomas Raddall Research Center, located in the museum.


  • Programs are generally 1 hour long.  Planning additional time after the program allows students to enjoy a picnic lunch and to explore the grounds.
  • Groups are invited to stay after their program for picnic lunch and to explore the grounds.
  • We have spacious grounds and teachers are invited to bring balls or other items for students to use after lunch.
  • Trip to the Past may include outside activities.  Students should come dressed for the weather!

Our  Programs

Grades Primary to Five (Elementary)

  • Silly Sara Spins a Tale
  • Seymour the Sea Monster and Sea Glass
  • Apprentice Pirates
  • Children at Play
  • Technological Change in Your Community
  • Early Medicine
  •  Tales of Pirates and Privateers
  • Evolution of the Mi’kmaq Culture
  • House of Haunts

Grades Six to Twelve (Middle to High School)

  • Knowledge Hunts
  • South Shore Ghost Lore
  • Evolution of the Mi’kmaq
  • Mi’kmaq Medicine

Seasonal Shared Programming

  • Christmas is for Kids
  • The Stones Shall Speak
  • Liverpool Through the Eyes of a Child