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Programs for Grades 6 to 12 (Middle to High School)

Mikmaq School Workshop
Corbin Hartt and Kathleen Stitt (Queens County Museum) conduct a Mi’kmaq workshop for Grade X students at Parkview Education Centre.

The Queens County Museum provides a wide range of educational resources and programs for teachers and students of all ages.
Our programming for students in Grades 6 to 12 are ……

Curriculum Outcomes

Our programs for Grades 6 to 12 meet the following curriculum outcomes:

Connections:  Historical roots of families, changes in family roles; traditions, connection between communities local, national and global.

Interaction:  Importance of interaction between people of similar and diverse cultures.

Change: People and how groups contributed to change.

Technology:  The role of technological changes over the years.

Provincial Identity:  Societies, World Culture, Canadian Identity Interdependence, culture and diversity.

Knowledge Hunts

Your class will take part in the Great Queens County Museum / Perkins House Complex Knowledge Hunt. The questions will be based on the exhibits in the Museum.  We can also tailor the questions to match your lesson plan. Just call us to discuss the options.

Program Length: 1 hour

Grades:  6 to 12


South Shore Ghost Lore

The Museum will take us back to the days of ghost stories as told around the campfire.  Your class and the Interpreter will share local and personal ghost encounters and tales from our area.  It will be spooktacular!!  🙂

Program Length:  1 hour

Grades:  6 to 12


Evolution of the Mi’kmaq

How did the early Mi’kmaq make a pot of soup?  Discover the answer to this and more as we adventure our way into our Mi’kmaq diorama.  Experience the feel of actual stone tools and how they were used in comparison to their modern day equivalents.

Program Length:   1 hour

Grades:  6 to 12


Mi’kmaq Medicine

For thousands of years the Mi’kmaq people have turned to nature to extract the medicinal properties of plants for both spiritual and personal  healing.  We will explore,  using live and dried specimens, the local, flora and fauna which are the basis of healing medicines for these early people.

Program length:  1 hour

Grades: 7 to 11