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Seasonal Shared Programming

The Queens County Museum provides a wide range of educational resources and programs for teachers and students of all ages.
Heritage belongs to all of us.
It’s the story we share, and it shapes the stories our children will tell tomorrow. Step right in and bring learning to life!

Curriculum Outcomes

Our seasonal programming delivers on the following curriculum outcomes:

Connections:   Historical roots of families, changes in family roles, traditions, celebrations and connection between communities local, national and global.

Interaction:  Importance of interaction between people of similar and diverse cultures.

Change:  How cultures contributed to change.

Technology:  Role of Technology and change through the years.

Provincial Identity:  Societies and World Culture, Mik’maq and African Canadian interaction and contribution in Society.

Grade Primary Dr. J.C. Wickwire School Colouring Their Christmas Ornament
Dr. J.C. Wickwire School Grade Primary Students Colouring Their Christmas Ornament

Christmas is for Kids

Find out how the Perkins family would have celebrated Christmas in the 1700’s and how the traditions changed as we approached the period of Queen Victoria.

We’ll have fun making a take home Christmas ornament for your tree.

Available: December

Program Length: 1.5 hours.

Grades:  P to 6

The Stones Shall Speak

An Interpreter will lead your class through Liverpool’s Old Burial Ground. Using excerpts from the Perkins Diary, you will discover the burial practices of the times.  Why are some bodies buried in the middle of busy streets? Did you know children acted as pall bearers?  Hear the tragic stories of some of our founding families.  Each tour will be structured to the age of the group.

Program Length:  1.5 hours.

Grades:  4 to 12

Liverpool Through the Eyes of a Child

This walking tour will detail changes in the streetscape of Liverpool. Using old photographs and exploration students will compare and contrast life in Liverpool past and present. Each tour will be structured to the age of the group.

Program Length: 1 hour

Grades:  1 to 4