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The Queens County Museum is operated by the Museum Board of Trustees under the governing body of the Queens County Historical Society.

The Historical Society formed back in 1929 when on the evening of August 26, 1929 a group of interested citizens got together recognizing the need to preserve the history of this colonial town and county.

At their second meeting in the Town Hall on the evening of September 4, 1929 the following motion was made:

Perkins House Museum Opening Ceremony 1957
Perkins House Museum Opening Ceremony 1957

It was moved by Thomas H. Raddall and seconded by Miss A. Hendry that the purposes of the Society be as follows:

· To gather, preserve and disseminate data relating to the history of the County; to engage in the research of folk-lore, and tradition, and in collection of ballads and sea songs of long ago;

· To prepare a museum of which objects of earlier days shall be preserved;

· To establish an historical library in which books, maps, old records and pictures shall be kept; and in due time to open a reading room for the general public.

Several years later, the home of Simeon Perkins our famous diarist, was offered for sale to the Society.  They quickly agreed to make the purchase and in a little back room of the house is where our museum first started.  Eventually the Society turned the Perkins House over to the Province of Nova Scotia, who officially opened it as a Nova Scotia Provincial Museum in 1957.

The collection of the Queens County Historical Society continued to be exhibited in the little back room.  Well, almost 50 years later, the little back room museum was bursting at the seams.  After some discussion with the Province of Nova Scotia, it was agreed that a new museum would be built next door to the Perkins House … Hence, the Queens County Museum, born and built in 1980.

As part of our Heritage Complex, we continue to operate the Simeon Perkins Museum for the Nova Scotia Museum family as a provincial museum.  In 2017, the Perkins House will celebrate her 60th Anniversary as a provincial museum.  Also located inside the Queens County Museum is the Thomas Raddall Research Centre which provides a collection of documents and photographs illustrating the human history of Queens County. The Thomas Raddall Research Centre is a great place to visit if your thinking of searching your family tree.

The Queens County Museum is open year-round. We invite to drop in for a visit »

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

What is this 'Artifact'?

Junkers Jug

We all have them … You know what I mean… that drawer… or box… or…whatever.

It is full of those things we cannot part with. “After all one day I might need it.”

The broken watch, orphan gears, single nail, that lone tooth. (We are not going to ask who or where that one came from).

A century ago our forbearers had a unique way of turning Junk into art.

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